English Delight

English Delight provides a fun learning environment featuring videos, animation, activities and games. The content is in line with the local syllabus, i.e. KBSR and KSSR for primary, and KBSM for secondary. Lessons are infused with moral values and local themes, and develop problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

English Delight is also available as language lab software, and is suitable for self-learning or as interactive whiteboard content.

Lessons are divided into 5 parts that focus on specific language skills:
Listening and Speaking
Listening and Practice

English Delight for Special Needs caters to students with dyslexia, hearing problems and slow learners. This software is suited to special needs with simple instructions, clear images and text, as well as sign language for students with hearing problems. The lessons are simplified to meet the requirements of the national curriculum.

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